umbrella. learn. pretty.

art movement: dada

Q: What was the exercise? A: We had to visually solve three words chosen at random that stem from the season of spring proposed by one of the four of us. The added challenge...the solution was required to have the Dada movement in mind visually, philosophically, or both.

Umbrella, learn, and pretty was my combination of choice. Step one was a piece of paper and thinking cap on, back to basics.

A. What is an umbrella? An umbrella protects us from the elements. Symbolically it’s seen as the solar disk or wheel, its spokes are the rays of the sun and its half the world axis. Pretty interesting in an environment where the consequence of our way in the past two or three decades has been disseminating rapidly and leaving many unemployed, homeless or hungry. Reading that, it was evident this piece was meant to talk about communal issues.

B. What have we learned? That in 2010 it’s clear every season will present challenges, some obstacles greater than others.

C. Is there possibly pretty in the picture? Face value? It’s not always obvious. Big picture? Absolutely, pretty is choice. Pretty is optimism. Pretty is opportunity, new beginnings. Pretty is hope. Pretty is spring and yes, back to basics.


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