wind. pluck. rich.

art movement: Fruit Crate

wind, pluck, rich...I couldn’t imagine a more fantastic expression of autumn!
What could be better than wind blown leaves falling on a cold crisp morning, or the taste of an apple just plucked from the orchard, or even the generous kaleidoscope of color the season brings?

The thinking that fashioned the fruit crate school has always been a challenge for me. For years my attempts to understand the philosophy behind this unique approach to advertising have really come up short. So when we all agreed on it for the challenge, the only way to describe my emotional response was “terrified glee”.

While nervous I’d fail, I knew it was an opportunity to see if this time I could solve the riddle before me.

The piece is titled, “Autumn winds of 1482” and was done in a mixture of mediums - from cut paper and gouache to watercolor and digital. My idea was to shine on a simpler time in American life, when industry was thriving and optimism was more the norm than the exception. While seasons depart, seasons return. It’d be nice to believe so too will our confidence brighter days are coming.

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