evergreen. solitude. magical.

art movement: German Expressionism

Regarding German expressionism - Developed as a philosophical expression of inner thought rather than a reaction to environmental stimuli, at first glance, for me German expressionism had always left an impression of darkness, (darkness in the sense of 'dark thought').
But having looked at it a little closer for the project I found there was something in it that was not only daring, but innately adventurous. This art spoke person to person. Never meant to be viewed from a distance, but rather experienced up close, as if it questioned you, wondering if you too had ever experienced the emotion presented. If not, it assumed you probably would at some point in your lifetime, and in all its way, it's a gift.

evergreen.solitude.magical... ever notice the silence created by newly fallen snow?
For me it's always a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, something unexpected.

Inspired by this gorgeous 40 ft. evergreen tree right outside my door (and the incredibly snowy winter we've been having this season), this piece is titled, "winter's gift". Done in a mixture of mediums - from cut paper and gouache to watercolor and digital, my intention was to illustrate the feeling that captures me whenever I step outside after that first seasonal snowfall.

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