from Seasons project 2009

It begins quietly, where the white of snow once stood. It is the season of spring, a time for hope, renewal and new beginnings.

I present Eve, blossoming with seed of life in the garden. As she sits, she listens intently to the whispered warnings of potential danger that lie ahead, finding herself encircled by a serpent, (a symbol of man’s temptation), unable to hide her discomfort.
An artist’s role is to plant seeds of thought, to ask questions, and illuminate the color of life in a given time.

I open the question, how would you feel if man found a way to manipulate the world’s food supply by genetically engineering crop production and told you it would end world hunger?

Blissful is the common answer. Yet, the crossroad lies before us and the knowledge is in our hand.

Look a little closer.


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